About the game

Outdoor Laser - The painless version.

That's right we now offer outdoor laser extreme weapons and are the first and only one in 2014 to have this equipment in the UK.

Extreme Laser is just £25.00 per person for a two hour session morning or afternoon drinks and equipment.

Laser extreme weapons start from age 8 years old up to 18 years old get the MP-514 Exterminator.

So if you don't fancy getting hurt or being covered in paint with paintballing, or you just to young to play, but still fancy having all the fun by shooting your mates, then lasering is the next best thing, as anyone can play it from the kids to great grandparents. But unfortunately all players need to be 8 years old or over.

All party’s are split into two teams, under no circumstance do we allow one party to all play in the same team. Minimum numbers apply. You are not guaranteed to be on your own and groups can be add to another group of similar age. We do not add kids to adult group and Vice Versa.

Mobile Laser

If you can't come to us, we can come to you with our outdoor mobile laser week days (weekends depend on availability) (for a extra cost) So if your planning a Birthday party, fete or just want a mess around with your mates, just give us a call.

As long as you got the minimum space of 25m x 25m grass area, (the bigger the area,the better it would be) we will be happy to come to you with the latest digital equipment that will give you hours of fun, otherwise your more then welcome to play it here at Cannington Park.

Each player is issued with a electronic state of the art laser gun and target sensors. The light emitted form the guns is completely harmless and safe to use.

Our Games

Examples of some of our games.

Flag Capture:
Each team is giving a flag to protect.You must obtain the opposing teams flag and return it safely to your base.

Five objects are hidden and need to be recovered - but you need all five to win!

Two teams at each end of the trenches with a flag in the middle. Get the flag into the other team base.

Safely escort the President from one end of the site to the other whilst trying to capture or take out the opposing team President.

Team Death Match:
You have to eliminate the other team, the team with players left wins!

After your first visit-if you wish to play your own games,with your own rules then we can usually accommodate.So feel free to speak to us with your ideas.